Claudia Koch at workClaudia Koch started her career in the eighties as a painter in the United Kingdom. Claudia’s reputation and following grew overnight following the strong success of a number of her European exhibitions and auctions. Her works drew the attention of collectors worldwide and in 1999 she was named “Cultural Leader” at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Claudia a Swiss national of Peruvian origin started as a self taught artist and built her technique and skills throughout her career by working with a number of reputed teachers and schools specializing in the mediums of her choice. Claudia studied with Il Bisonte School of Printing in Florence, Keith Howard Intaglio Dumfries Scotland and Rochester New York, American Museum of Native Art Santa Fee, Heatherley School of Fine Arts London, among others.

Claudia’s art work ranges from stainless steel and bronze sculptures, intricately painted plexi-glass mobiles and tubes measuring up to 6 meters known as “big bangs”, to an extensive collection of pigment paintings and intaglio prints . She has exhibited with Daniel Warenberger Gallery in Zurich (1995-2000), Le Manoir Cologny Geneva (1997), Art Innsbruck International Art Fair “Guest of Honor” (1999), Kunst-Galerie Lenz (1999,) the Annual World Economic Forum Davos (1999) with permanently exposed sculptures at the Forum’s head quarters in Geneva, the St Moritz expo (2000), Hotel Nazionale Luzern (2001), Laguna Beach Gallery California (2004-06) Gallery Midi Soleil Geneva (2002-2008).

Claudia dedicates a great deal of her time raising funds for charities, she has held a number of auctions with her “Friends collection”: Sotheby Auction with Simon De Pury, Zurich 1994 & 1995 raised over one hundred and twenty thousand dollars in under an hour. Auctions in South American and across Europe with all proceeds going to charity.

Claudia is always searching for new mediums to express her art. She recently finished a collection of large enameled tubes and sculptures for a commission and is working on a set of Raku Japanese ceramics in addition to glass blowing techniques at the Brooklyn school of glass in New York.

Claudia is currently preparing for her next exhibition of signature plexi glass “Big Bang” sculptures to be exhibited in Lima, Peru in summer 2014. She is in discussions with a well known New York gallery to exhibit her works in December 2014 (TBC)